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Customer Feedback

S. Galloway, Hendersonville, NC

Mr. Bert Suttle was an absolute godsend to me. Due to renovations to my condo and the onset of Multiple Chemical Sensitivities I found myself unexpectedly and overwhelmingly homeless. Bert listened compassionately and offered me assistance in finding the resources I needed to navigate this difficult condition. He is very knowledgable in this realm and the information and resources he provided proved invaluable to me at a very desperate time. I purchased an Austin Air Healthmate from him and have been extremely happy with my purchase. Bert is a man full of integrity, knowledge, and heart and exactly the person you want to do business with.”

Dan Gubbins, Georgia

I recently purchased an in-home air purifier from Mr. Bert Suttle, who was invaluable in helping me make my selection from five different companies he represents as a dealer. Each company has many models, and Bert analyzed my needs steering me toward the models whose features meant the most to me. I appreciated that Bert has first hand knowledge of a condition which we share known as C.S. (Chemical Sensitivity) and shared his experience on matters other than the selection of an air purification system. I value Bert’s friendship and recommend him highly. His product line is also excellent.

Kelly B., Ohio

I really appreciated Bert’s heart to help me.  He took a lot of time to talk to me and see what my needs were and helped me to find the best air purifier that would work for me.  Because of some chemical sensitivities I had to move out of my house for a few weeks.  After getting my duct work cleaned and getting two air purifiers (one for upstairs and one for downstairs) I was able to move back into my house.  Bert not only helped me get back into my house, but he has also followed up with me to not only see how I liked the air purifiers, but also to see how I was doing.  I’m thankful that the Lord connected me to Bert!

Robert, Burnsville, NC

We described to Bert the issues we were dealing with in our house (dust, wood smoke), and he was a great help in figuring out what kinds of air purifiers we needed.  We ended up getting an Airpura R600 for downstairs and an Aireox 45 B for our bedroom upstairs.  Clean Air Solution's prices were better than anything else we could find online, and our air quality has been much improved since we began using them.  Thanks Bert!


Carol H., Asheville, N.C.

I have experienced a noticeable improvement in my sinus congestion and headaches. Immediately my symptoms subsided. Thanks Bert for helping us select the purifier to most effectively meet our needs.

Michael Roth, Georgia

After several weeks of using our Airpura 600, we are loving it more and more. Especially since it's getting colder, our cats are inside and the Airpura 600 takes care of the dander like nothing else ever did!

William Joseph Suttle, Monroe, N.C.

I recently purchased an Austin Air Jr. through Clean Air Solutions. It is used in the bed room. I noticed a difference the first night in my quality of sleep! No congestion or stuffy nose which had become normal for me!

Dave, Asheville, NC

I have been using an Austin Healthmate from Clean Air Solutions in my home for a year now and the air is  fresher and the nice purr of the unit helps me sleep.

Lisa A. Sessions, Mars Hill, NC

My family purchased 2 Austin Air purifiers and they have made a big difference in our allergy symptoms. Recently our daughter left her bedroom door open and the dog went in there causing an allergy reaction for her. After I moved the purifier from the living room to her room and ran it awhile she was able to go back in there and sleep with no allergy reactions.