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 A Completely New Air Purifier
With all the design improvements you’ve been asking for…Airpura’s SPEC-A Design Principle

Simplified …Unobstructed air flow
In other systems air moves around different chambers and changes direction. Airpura simplifies air flow for quieter more efficient performance and reduces noise.

Powerful …Powerful, variable speed integrated fan/motor
You choose the rate you clean your air from super quiet to premium power filtering with 560 CFM capacity.

Effective …Pressure sealed filter chamber
All of the air is filtered. No particles or gases escape the filters. Other systems allow leakage and can’t achieve the claimed 99.97% Hepa efficiency.

Cleanest Air …Combination of True HEPA and Activated Carbon with UV option
Superior quality true Hepa and activated carbon with optional UV sterilization delivers truly clean air for home, office and industrial application
If you or someone in your family has allergies or asthma or other symptoms of respiratory distress an Airpura High Efficiency Air Purifier can make a difference.

Visit tabs below for full line of products offered. Please call me for replacement filters.

Airpura Technology

Technology That Makes Airpura Your Best Choice

Vacuumable pre-filter …Vacuum through the mesh and replace every 12 months

2 Micro-Suppress filters …Suppress bacteria and viruses around the carbon bed

Carbon filter …Absorbs airborne chemicals …noxious gases and odors

True HEPA filter …Traps 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns

Felt Gaskets
Seal the filter chamber:
• No off gassing from rubber seals
• Unimpeded airflow
• The air flows directly from the filters to the exterior for lower air turbulance and less noise

Motor and electric parts out of the airflow
Other systems blow clean air over the motor and recontaminate it

One piece motor / fan assembly
• Eliminates vibration problems where separate fan is attached to a shaft with a set screw. Compact motor / fan design allows more space for filtration
• Unique pressure seal
• The pressure seal system on the filter chamber ensures that all the impurities pass through the filters.
• Other systems allow dirty air to escape and fail to acheive their promised HEPA rating of 99.97% filtration

Powdercoat steel mesh housing
No plastic vapors, with a modern attractive appearance, suitable for any decor.

Variable speed control
• Allows user to set unit at optimum CFM for their situation
• UV Germicidal Lamp in the UV600
• 20 watt UV lamp
• 30,000 um per sec squared
• sterilizes micro-organisms
• antigens, pathogens and mold spores

Lamp situated in filter chamber
• Kills organisms as they are trapped by the filters. Other UV machines place the UV lamp in the air flow away from the filters.
• Microbes can escape back into the air.

Airpura T600

Airpura T600


Specially designed to clean the air of tars and chemicals from tobacco smoke

• Tars are trapped by a special tar barrier filter
• Large, deep carbon bed removes the harmful chemicals and gases found in tobacco smoke
• 26lbs Carbon
• Hepa-Barrier post filter traps particles
• 22″ high, 15″ wide
• Wall mount brackets available
• Effective for up to 2000 sq ft

Link here for more information in a printable pdf

Airpura V600

Airpura V600


Enhanced special blend carbon adsorbs VOCs and specific chemicals together with true Hepa for particles

• For specific airborne chemicals including VOCs such as formaldyde, ammonias
• Over 4000 chemicals can be addressed (see technical information for details)
• Effective for up to 2000 sq ft
• 22″ high, 15″ wide
• 18lbs Enhanced impregnated carbon
• 40 sq ft HEPA filtration surface

Link here for more information in a printable pdf

Airpura R600

Airpura R600


Safe effective air purification for home, office and workshops

• For airborne chemicals and gases and particles.
• An excellent choice to help bring relief to allergy and asthma sufferers as well as overall improvement in indoor air quality for your better long term health.
• Effective for up to 2000 sq ft
• 22″ high, 15″ wide
• 18lbs Carbon
• 40 sq ft HEPA filtration surface

Link here for more information in a printable pdf