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Innovative Idea
Way back in the early 70’s, when everyone else thought air pollution was only dust and pollen, Aireox Research designed and manufactured a line of whisper quiet Full Spectrum air purifiers that removed not only particles from the air, but even more importantly, toxic gases. Today, we continue the tradition of leading the way in air purification. We did not invent air purification… We revolutionized it.

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D-Model 45


D-Model 45 – Room model: The most popular air purifier on the market today for people serious about the risks that air pollution presents to their family’s health. It is also the type most often recommended by Allergists and Physicians for prevention and/or relief of pollution related problems. Highly efficient, portable and quiet. This machine will effectively purify the air in a room 12 feet by 20 feet with an 8 foot ceiling (2000 cubic feet) once every 15 minutes.
$352 – $360

• Full spectrum (removes gases and particles)
• Quiet 2-speed operation (can be used in the bedroom)
• Metal with baked white enamel finish using non-toxic zero outgasing paint.
• Compact and portable, use in any room desired.
• Heavy duty blower with sealed internal motor for safe trouble-free operation.
• Four (4) plus pounds of our broad spectrum carbon/purifil chemical control media.
• Half micron (.5) partical filter.
• 125cfm air recirculation rate
• 100% filtration no bypassed air.
• Floor or table placement
• Stands 14 inches high by 10 inces in diamiter.
• Handle for easy transport, to go where you go.
• Sealant and adhesieve free filters.
• Power consumtion is less than a 75 watt light bulb.


Model 22 Aireox Air Purifier


We are happy to announce that the long awaited Car Model 22 is back in production with over 2 decades of helping  people have cleaner air as they drive.
$276 – $280

•    Full spectrum/ Multi-Function (removes gases and particle from air)
•    2-speed operation
•    Service Area – Auto only
•    75cfm air recirculation rate
•    100% filtration, no bypassed air.
•    Metal with baked white enamel finish using non-toxic zero out gassing paint.
•    Compact and portable with handle for easy transport
•    Heavy duty blower with sealed internal motor for safe trouble-free operation.
•    Two (2) plus pounds of Media
•    Sealant and adhesive free.
•    Filter size – 200 square inches
•    (0.3) Particle filter
•    Efficiency – 99.26%
•    Floor or seat placement
•    Stands 6 inches high by 10 inches in diameter.
•    Weight 10 lbs
•    12VDC– 2 amps low – 3.5 amps high
•    Power consumption is easy on your car battery